Advices From A 60 Years Old Woman To Age With Happines

Her name is Margaret Manning, a woman that when turned 60, she told herself it was time to do something rewarding, something that could help others. That was when she decided to leave her job to start a project known  as “Sixty and me”, an association for women over 60 years.She did it, because besides being rewarding, she found out that there are many groups for people over 60, but few groups specially for women over 60.

In this space, any woman who wishes can give a testimony of how her life is, what she has achieved, what she has learned. Margaret Manning pursues another interesting idea: to help more young people to stop being afraid of the “wrinkles” of time, as they become older.
According to Margaret, she finds herself surprised in front of all these people, especially women, that when they reach 30, they think that they have lost their youth. Her initiative is to give advice for all those over 30, who begin to suffer a small existential crisis.

If this is your case, if you are between 30 and 50, be sure to read these instructional advice; surely, these tips will make you reflect of your life. It doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman; a 60 years old woman will have always good advices to give us. And if you don’t feel depressed because of your age, after reading this you will know how to help or a friend who is suffering depression.

Tips from a 60 years old woman:

Always remember one thing: There is only one life, so do not waste it feeling unhappy or worrying about things that do not matter. 
Always seek the good side of things: Be positive.
Cherish the day: “The here and now.” It’s the only thing that matters.
Live each day with the maximum fullness: Enjoy the little everyday things.
Note that life can change in an instant: If you live the moment, it will no matter if you’re 30 or 60, the important thing is to do everything with passion and fulfillment.
Enjoy the nature of their free time: Do not let others press you.
Search a job you really enjoy: If you can not, look for at least a hobby that makes you feel happy and fulfilled.

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