Anxiety Can Cause Many Undesired Effects, Get To Know Them!

It is impossible to go through life without having suffered from anxiety at least some time. Before speaking in public or when we experience some financial need, for example, we may feel particularly concerned and anxious. These feelings of anxiety can have a profound effect on physical and mental health of those who suffer them. Anxiety can cause strange symptoms that go beyond the traditional, such as headaches or excessive sweating.

Confusion and changes in visual perception: Hallucinations may vary from person to person depending on the amount of stress to which they are subject. Some people can report to see just a blur of color in passing. Others talk about a shadowy figure that causes them to terror. If you are dealing with a lot of stress, you may have problems with the identification of space, time and dimensions of space around.

Anxiety causes gases and swollen abdomen: As you know, flatulence is one of the most embarrassing and uncomfortable sensations that we experience. It is also one of the rare effects of anxiety. Although not every bump and gases are caused by anxiety, there are many related cases. This is a problem that comes with often digestion and breathing problems caused by the disorder. It is a very common indication for those suffering from constant attacks.

Skin rashes:

The spots or rashes are very common symptoms of anxiety. It is quite common the appearance of acne around the nose, forehead and cheeks. This problem disappears when the person feels better and the episode of stress passes. If, however, stress worsens, it can lead to the onset of allergies, and skin irritations. 
Take into account that no matter what treatment you do to lessen the rash, it has no effect if you do not reduce anxiety and stress.
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