Child With Sever Facial Cyst To Undergo Reconstructive Surgery To Change Life

A rare condition left a little girl (Chingrung Mro of 11 months) with a tumor growth that covered half his face. Born in Bangladesh, the child was diagnosed with ganglioglioma cyst since before her birth. Having grown consistently and slowly, it can be fatal if not treated. However, his family found itself unable to pay for treatment, but a campaign launched on social networks, could change the life of Chingrung forever. 

Obaidul Quader arranged the conditions for the girl to be treated in a hospital in the capital, Dhaka. “Many people tried to help raising funds, and all they wanted was to give the girl the best treatment because she is still a baby”.  “We contacted the minister and after a meeting, we asked him to help with the best option”. Ganglioglioma is a rare type of brain tumor that usually causes seizures and appears on the form of a cyst. It can occur anywhere in the brain, especially in the temporal lobes; which are located behind the ears.

CT scans are often used to diagnose this disease and it is estimated that over 95% of cases of ganglioglioma are simple to solve,without the tumors being likely to appear again after the surgery procedure is carried out. It get worse when children with that condition are born in developing countries, and that is why the raising funds campaigns are so important in this case. Taking into account that it is difficult for people in USA to afford such a surgery, we can’t even imagine how hard it is for Bangladesh families.

What’s next?

The team at Dhaka Medical College have put together a board of surgeons, including neurosurgeon, pediatric surgeon, and a plastic surgeon, and they plan to carry out the surgery to reduce the tumor’s size. Samanta Lal Sen, the plastic surgeon, is feeling positive and hopes to remove the tumor and cover the defect with plastic surgery. 
Chingrung’s father, Singrao Mro, hopes the treatment will give his daughter a new chance at life. “I hope my daughter will Improve in this hospital and I want to thank everyone who helped her,” he said.
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