Discover What His Fingers Can Tell About His Personality In Just A Quick Look!

Nails are
to our health what eyes are to our soul, windows to look at different
conditions which might put our health in risk.
Fingers´ size
can tell a lot about people, especially for men. Take a look at a man´s fingers
size and you will be able to determine a lot about his anatomy.

to some recent studies, index finger and ring finger´s length can tell how
promiscuous is a person, how attractive, and even sexual orientations could be
pointed out through this simple method. Scientist have come to a weird outcome
in regards ring finger length. Is it possible to determine a man´s genitalia by
looking his index finger?


The Oxford
Department of Experimental Psychology has found that If a man has longer ring
fingers it means they probably are promiscuous,  and this statement is according results obtained
from researches on Prone to PROSTATE CANCER.

It is three
times less likely that men, whose index finger are longer than ring finger,
will suffer of prostate cancer,  as it
was showed 15 annual researching conducted on 
4 500 men.

Men having
longer ring fingers are more attractive to the opposite gender and are more
likely to be someone’s partner.

from the Canadian University of Concord, have concluded that men with a longer
ring finger are more likely to overcome risks. It means they are more likely to
have more wealth than others.

it showed that men with longer index finger are more sexual. Several researches
found a relationship linking sexual orientation and length of the ring and
index finger.

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