Do you want to lose weight healthily and fast?: The key is…

All the time we are reading all sorts of advice about losing weight without suffering: it’s about reducing calories, increasing protein, making several meals during the day, not abusing of carbohydrates or sugars, etc. But there is a way to lower progressive weight healthily and that may surprise us: controlling dinner. In this article we will explain how and why we can lose weight every day, in order to have dinner properly.
They have always said that we should eat breakfast like a king, lunch like prince and dinner like a commoner, and for years that is how we have divided our meals. Based on our energy needs, we can reach the conclusion that as the day progresses we need less and less energy, unless we have a more nocturnal rhythm of life. If we start to reduce the amount of meal we have at dinner, or even the early dinner, maybe we’ll feel more hungry in the morning, and we might end up eating a little more  breakfast.

This way, at the end of the day, we will have eaten the same amount of food that we normally do or maybe more. Thats why we should keep into account that our body is always balancing the things we eat, and that’s the reason we should consider the breakfast like a king, the lunch like a prince and the dinner like a commonoer. Between eleven o’clock and three in the morning are the hours our body works and regenerate the gallbladder and liver, two key organs in digestion and which conditions the fact that we assimilate better or worse the food . At this time our body should have done digestion, so it’s ideal to have dinner at 8:00 p.m.

How much can we dine?

The amount varies depending on the person and their lifestyle, but the important thing is not to starve, but also not to eat too much. We should learn to find that point where we are satisfied or that we no longer hungry, but many of us continue eating because we still have food on the plate to end what remains, but for gluttony, or stress, we do not realize that sometimes we are done with eating.
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