Eat An Apple A Day And Keep The Doctor Away

It is known as “the fruit of sin” because of the story of Adam and Eve. Nevertheless, this delightful fruit has a thousand properties. If you want to know the benefits of eating an apple a day, then you should continue reading this. Apples can keep us away not only from the doctor, but also from even taking medicine, such as simple pills fora headache or for a stomachache.

The National Institute of Health determined that eating an apple a day is good for your body and prevents many diseases; however, consultation with a doctor and check annual ups can not be taken out of our schedules. To reach this conclusion, an experiment was conducted with 8400 people, of which 10% consumed an apple a day. And this was the percentage of patients who did not have to consume medicine within a period of a year (which was the duration of the study period).

According to the director of the team, Matthew Davis, School of Nursing at the University of Michigan, apples consumption is associated with other markers, for example, the number of annual visits to the doctor. Another of the conclusions on the consumption of this fruit; was that those who ate an apple a day, were less likely to smoke and had higher levels of education and intelligence. Consuming this fruit can be a sign of a healthier way of life. This is because apples are a good source of vitamin C, soluble fiber and flavonoids.

Reasons to eat an apple a day:

Apples hydrate our body because of its high water content (around 80% of its composition).
They are also diuretic and reduce the accumulation of liquids, cramps in the lower extremities (legs and feet) and high blood pressure due to its large amount of potassium. Among its vitamins, it contains the group E, known to be potent antioxidants.

By relying on soluble and insoluble fiber, it can be used both by people with constipation and diarrhea. In the first case you need to consume it raw, unpeeled, and the second case, it should be baked or stewed.