Fight Gastritits And Acidity Using Only These Two Ingredients!

Most people have experienced at least once in a lifetime an uncomfortable burning sensation in the stomach and throat. For many it is a simple reaction to certain foods, while for others it can be a chronic and difficult disorder to control: gastritis. This condition has symptoms that occur due to inflammation of the stomach lining or coating which has the function of protecting the stomach against the acidity of gastric juices.

This weakening increases the risk for developing ulcers and other digestive discomforts such as pain, inflammation and acid reflux. Patients diagnosed with this disease must change their lifestyle and improve their eating habits. Although there are many medications that can relieve the symptoms, it is best to choose natural treatment options not to run the risk of side effects. Luckily, many ingredients of organic origin are full of properties that accelerate the recovery of this problem.

The aloe, specifically the gel has been regarded for centuries for its ability to decrease inflammation and controlling the digestive processes. It has a substance called aloin, which has a mild laxative power to facilitate the expulsion of accumulated waste in the gut. The mucĂ­lage is an active compound present in the aloe, it covers and protects the gastric mucosa to alleviate ulcers, inflammation and excess acidity. Its healing action not only benefits the skin, but also stimulates the regeneration of altered mucosa.

benefits of honey:

Honey is a valued product for its energy power and multiple medical applications. It is rich in glucose and fructose, two monosaccharides which are absorbed easily by the intestinal mucosa to provide energy. It is a natural source of fiber, vitamins and minerals that support digestion and decrease swelling. It is not exactly how it workgs, but it prevents gastritis, and some experts suggest that its power is due to the ability to destroy pathogens that cause the disease.
First, cut and remove the aloe vera gel from inside the leaf; before opening it, leave it dipped in water to eliminate a red liquid that is not necessary. Then use a spoon to facilitate the extraction of the gel. When you have the required amount of aloe, put in a blender and mix with honey bees and water. Do it until you get a smooth texture. The amount that is obtained can be divided to drink it two or three times.
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