How To Relieve Itching Sensation On The Skin

There are different reasons for the itching or skin irritation: from the brush of clothing to the bite of an insect, undergoing dermatitis, eczema and fungi. When we scratch the skin it can really swell the affected region by the bacteria. For this reason it is advisable not to scratch it and use home and natural remedies for the treatment. Learn how to relieve itching and skin irritation in this article.

Besides taking care of our diet and eating a greater amount of fresh vegetables and natural fruit juices, It is also recommended to drink water to keep your skin hydrated and use moisturizing lotions. But if prevention has no effect and the skin begins to burn and itch, the best we can do is to avoid scratching it: it can bring relief at the time, but soon the itching will increase the risk of bacterial contamination.

Chamomile: it is the most effective herb to calm the itch because in addition to moisturize the skin, it helps to reduce inflammation and regenerate the dermis. To use it, prepare an infusion with a spoonful of chamomile flowers per cup of water. Let it cool, strain and soak a gauze in the tea. To apply it, apply gauze or cotton over the area of itching and you will notice an immediate relief.

Lemon: an excellent natural remedy and very effective to soothe the itching. Squeeze the juice of half lemon in a glass of warm water. Soak a cotton ball in the mixture and place it over the area of itching, pressing for a few seconds. Do not put water on the area to which the drug acts longer. Wash skin thoroughly to remove any residue of lemon before exposure to the sun, thus preventing burns.

Try these other remedies:

Oats: put a handful of oats in half a glass of warm water and wash the skin with this mixture. It serves to soothe the itching and reducing inflammation of the skin.
Aloe vera: as always, the aloe vera should be on the list of home remedies for skin. You can use creams on sale in health food stores or remove the gel from an aloe vera leaf (one of the essential plants in any household). It is excellent for the skin when it is very dry. 
Green clay: green clay poultices are ideal for times when you no longer can handle the itch and feel an urge to scratch. The clay has the ability to burn and repair skin in minutes, as well as reducing inflammation on the affected region. 
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