How to tell if your liver is inflamed?

We always hear about the liver; a very affected organ by poor nutrition, bad habits, stress, repressed emotions, contamination, etc. And all this can manifest itself in many ways in our body, with vision problems, crow’s feet, poor circulation, digestive problems, spring asthenia, among many others. In this article we will explain what are the most common signs that your liver is inflamed, so it will be easier to treat it naturally, preventing the disease and improving your quality of life.

Traditional Chinese medicine tells us that the body is directly related to vision problems, as both the eyes and the liver are located on the same meridian. Of course there are also other genetic factors and many issues affecting the health of eyes, however, some problems, for example, myopia, astigmatism, presbyopia, can be good indicators that we should think about the condition of our liver.

Each organ has a maximum of activity hours, in which it regenerates, as a way the body uses to combat stress naturally. In the case of the liver, this time goes from 1:00 a.m to 3:00 and that could be a good reason why we usually wake up at that time at night for no apparent reason and often, and when that happens, we could suspect something wrong is going on. A point to consider is that if you have dinner very late and consume large portions, our night’s rest may be affected.

Menstrual disorders and abdominal pain:

As we have said, the liver is closely related to the blood and therefore it is not surprising that it is also related with changes in menstrual periods, pain, premenstrual symptoms, irregularities, etc. Also, as a result of poor digestion, you could also suffer from swollen liver and abdominal pressure, but the characteristic symptom is a pain similar to a feeling of pressure on the ribs on the right side, just above where the liver. When swollen, the liver pushes outward, thus causing pain.
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