Know The Dangers Of Looking At Your Smartphone In The Dark!

Recently, a medical journal reported that two women had experienced a kind of “transient blindness” after checking their smartphones in the dark. For several months, they claimed to have experienced loss of vision, from 15 minutes to an hour. The, after a series of analyzes, a group of experts concluded that blindness was due to the habit of checking the mobile screen with just one eye in dark environments.

The women, aged between 22 and 40, went through a series of inconclusive medical tests, including magnetic resonance imaging and cardiovascular, before the cause was determined. According to the women, before sleeping and after waking, they got used to check the device notifications. So with the body still lying and with one of the eyes closed on the pillow, they checked the mobile screen just with one eye open. After several minutes, both experienced a temporary loss of vision in the eye, only minutes after having checked the mobile screen. 

They told that at first it only happened two or three times a week, but soon evolved into everyday occurrences. Thus, the experts of  Moorfield Eye Hospital, London, suggested the possibility that the temporary blindness could be caused by the imbalance in the adjustment of light between the eye of the cell and the pillow. “The retina is really surprising, because it can adapt to different light levels, probably better than any camera,” said one of the researchers. “It can reduce its sensitivity so that when we are on the beach or snow, we can still see relatively well.”

Why your smartphone screen could make you blind?

When the light reaches the retina causes the photoreceptor cells to change their shapes which are typically rod-shaped. This allows the light signal to be converted into electrical pulses, transmitted by the brain through nerve fibers. This entire process can take 40 minutes to start after exposure to bright lights, after that our eyes can see in the dark again.

In short, experts believe that when one eye is exposed to the light of your smartphone screen, while the other remains in the dark, it could mess with calibration capability while they are open at the same time. This temporary blindness, however, is harmless and not everyone is able to experience it, but, according to them, it is safer to avoid using the phone in bed before or after sleep.

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