Know Seven Benefits Of Decaffeinated Coffe To Our Brain

It is scientifically proven what the popular saying goes, we are what we eat. That is why it is important to keep informed about what the products that we often see at the supermarket and that are beneficial to our health. Well, today we’ll talk about decaffeinated coffee, a product consumed daily that contains important properties, but many of them are unknown even to their most assiduous consumers. It is important to warn you that you may want to serve a cup of decaffeinated coffee to continue reading this article ?

Many people like this drink but do not tolerate it or do not like the amount of caffeine contained in a cup of black coffee or a stronger coffee. It is important to note that there are many nutrients present in decaffeinated coffee, standing out among them: Vitamin B3 which helps to eliminate toxic substances from our body generated by stress. Vitamin B2: prevents headaches, cataracts and cancer, improves acne, skin, hair and the immune system.

Potassium keeps our blood pressure stable and helps in preventing heart problems. Magnesium: in small doses keeps our proper body balance.Iron: contributes to the renewal of blood cells and helps in the proper functioning of our blood system. Calcium improves hypertension, premenstrual syndrome and is essential in the formation of our bones and teeth. Phosphorus: improves our memory properly maintaining the functions of our brain.

How much coffee is OK?

Knowing all these properties are beneficial to our health, it is very important to clarify and emphasize that the recommended dose to take advantage of all of them in a healthy way should be one or two cups of decaffeinated coffee a day. The good of this product is that it keeps the aroma and taste of natural coffee. It is also very important to be aware that “decaf” has all the properties of its natural origin, but are used for health purposes.
In short, both decaffeinated coffee and natural, if consumed in moderate way, help prevent ing diseases and improve our health. 
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