Love Is A Good Medicine That Can Bring Many Benefits To Your Body!

Pills for depression and anxiety some times are not necessary and some other methods should be tried, before taking laboratory medicine. Treat other with love and you will find out it’s a great medicine. Hug and be hugged, kiss and be kissed, say friendly words to others, let other know that you are his friend and they for sure will be your friends. Know that when giving love, you will receive love, and the more people you love, the more love you will receive.

Have you noticed that often we leave the medical consultory worse than before we entered? Or rather, we leave as if we were already healed? Everything depends on the attitude of the doctor during the consultation. When we are sick we feel very vulnerable, and care and medical attention are very important. Undoubtedly, the cure of the disease depends not only on the pills and treatments; but definitely affection is very important.

You should know that we can perform this role of “doctors of the soul” with each other. There is much evidence that positive emotions relax, produce well-being, normalizes blood pressure, keeps the stomach and immune system running smoothly, and all this will be reflected in our health.

Where can we find the healing love?

Surround yourself with people you know and like you. These people know how to listen to you understand you perfectly. You can laugh together; and laughter is a powerful remedy that can bring us together in difficult times. You can also try being friend of children. They offer us a pure love, and sincere selfless. Often invisible ties that are established with the children bring us large doses of affection and empathy.
Get close to the elderly; they are a source of wisdom. They speak with experience and you will notice that within them there is a loving grandfather and you will always feel welcome when talking to them. If you don’t have grand parents, talk to an older person who lives near you. You will be helpful and she or he will be helpful to you. Make them understand that you feel goof in their company.
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