There Is A “Triangle Of Death” In The Face That Can Kill You When You Pluck Your Nose!

According to otologist Dr. Erich Voigt of the University of New York, it is very important to have knowledge of the “dangerous triangle of the face” before plucking the nasal hair. According to him, a small mistake could be fatal to health. Along with the wrinkles and hair loss, aging also causes increased growth in the nose. So if you intend not to leave them grow transpire,  the expert warned of some precautions that you should have.

He explains that plucking the nasal hair can lead to some pretty scary side effects. Due to the blood supply channel, from the corners of the mouth to the nose bridge, plucking the nasal hair can facilitate the entry of unwanted intruders in the nasal cavities, the sinuses and even brain. The nose according Dr. Voigt, filters the air that we breathe through the microscopic called cilia, which moves mucus from front to back and eventually sends it to the stomach, where it is  destroyed by acid. 

Therefore, uprooting them, can cause problems, because the germs live at the base of hair follicles.  So when you pluck the hairs, the micro-organisms that live there can enter the body and cause infections. These infections can be lethal, because the veins drain blood from the nose, which are also draining the brain. This may be the reason why sometimes people get  meningitis or brain abscess. 

What should I do then?

However, he explains that if you do not want to let the nasal hair appear, it would be ideal to be careful not to cut too close to the follicle, leaving a “sizable chunk”. In this case, the worse would be if to uproot them. 

We are aware that those hairs don’t look good at all and that are really disgusting; but they’re there for some biological reason; so the best would be to use a Circular Nose Hair Trimmer.

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