These Glasses Allow Colorblind People See All Colors And Is Already Being Sold On The Internet

Color blindness is much more common than we think. This visual disturbance affects mostly men (due to genetic factors associated with chromosome X). It is estimated that about 8.5% of world population show this hereditary condition that causes deficiency in color perception and it is characterized by a failure in absorption of photons by the sensors (cones) of the retina.

However, while working to create a project that could help doctors at the moment to perform laser surgery, the scientist Don McPherson eventually developed accidentally, a pair of glasses that valued the colors intensely. Then he asked a colorblind to experiment with the device, and he found that the product was able to help a person with perception difficulties to see the colors.

These glasses technology, which allows to absorb light wavelengths, secured funding through a research grant from the National Institute of Health. Thus, the scientist deepened in research and eventually founded his brand, EnChroma. According to McPherson, the glasses work in 80% of the variations of color blindness, but the company has projections to address these remaining 20%. Thus, if you are interested, you can purchase them on the official website of the brand that offers the product for various regions of the world. 

What is the experience like?

However, it is still a little expensive, and depending on the model, prices range from 200 to 500 dollars. Although it might sound funny (as many people do jokes about colorblind people) it’s a condition that they wish it was different, because it’s not only about appreciationg life, but this condition also could cause accidentat that might cost life. Below you can see a video of EnChroma showing the reaction of color-blind people when experiencing the glasses.

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