They Don’t Need Smartphones, They Need Your Time

According to statistics, 70% of children under 12 already have a cell phone, and almost 90% of them have access from very early ages to electronic devices that their parents use. It is clear that we live in a society where the Internet, mobile phones, tablets and computers are a good working tool for knowledge and connection with others. It is not a secret that these modern electronic devices awake so much fascination in nowadays children.

Knowing this, parents have started to give smartphones as a very valuable present, and that’s the reason why almost every kid has one. It is then necessary to establish a balance, and always remember that the best gift we can give to a child is our time. Children should grow in harmony with all that the world can offer. This is not to restrict or censor certain things as Steve Jobs did with his children by prohibiting to have any contact with cell phones, computers or tablets.

Sometimes, “the Act” to prohibit generates more curiosity in children, therefore, most need. This is why it is essential to enable them to grow in harmony knowing all that the world can offer. A child’s education begins from the first day he comes to the world: the routines that we teach them should encourage kids to be creative, but it should also come with discipline and of course, attention and time.
What is the best age to buy a mobile phone to the child?

If at any time you made yourself this same question, it’s because maybe your kids are pressing. But before you take the step, it is important to reflect on these factors. Buying a cell requires economic outlay that each family will have to consider whether it is necessary or not, and if the child is mature enough and responsible to make use of it. Before purchasing these devices educate children regarding the use of these. The age in which we can give our children a smartphone, depends on whether the child understands the responsibility that it requires, and the risks involved with the use, for example, social networks.
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