Woman Whose Brain Is Falling Down The spine Suffers An Agonizing Rare Condition

Kimberley Provan is a 44 English woman who in 2013 was diagnosed with a rare condition called Chiari malformation, which causes your brain gradually slip out of the skull. This means that most of it is going toward the spinal column. Unable to walk normally and return to carry out her work as a legal assistant, she strives to raise funds to buy an automatic wheelchair.

Provan has difficulties in performing herdaily tasks such as walking, eating and talking. The condition, which affects only one in 1,500 people, causes her severe neck pain, balance problems, muscle weakness and loss of hearing. According to her, “it’s like having a vise crushing your head.” The pain goes through the head, neck and behind the eyes. At first, when asked for an MRI to find out if something serious was going on, doctors told her that the pain could be a side effect of a hip operation she had once. 

However, the tests showed something different. The lower part of the brain was sinking slowly toward the spine. So she was rushed to surgery. A month later, the pain was stronger than ever. “They cut the back of my head and took a piece of the skull and pieces of spine to give more space, so that brain could flow down”, she said. “I was told that if I wasn’t operated within a few weeks, I would be paralyzed. I was absolutely terrified, afraid to wake up and discover that I could not move”.

Did she succeed?

Since her operation was successful she had to quit her job because she was too weak to leave the house. Her sudden loss of independence also makes her believe that she is a burden for her two children, Alexander, 19, and Olivia, 18. Now, his family and friends gathered to try to buy an automatic wheelchair and a reclining bed, so she can get a little more freedom. Funds will also be donated by volunteers who are organizing an event to raise money.

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